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Make your own label upcycling folding boxes

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Do You have an Etsy (or Dawanda or BigCartel or Whatever) shop?

Do You want save some money (and it is a big deal when you start your own business) , You wish to stay green and You care about Our Planet Health?

If so, this Tutorial is for You.

I start collecting blank folding cartons from snack packages and got the idea to make labels from them in a morning when I was sipping my tea and chow a crunchy mix snack. i found them useful and perfect to to accompany my products or gifts, and I've also start saving some euros from buying ready made labels.

Here is a photo tutorial and what You need to make them. Enjoy!!


Cut out the labels and if you want them rounded in the corner, it's nice to have a round corner cutter, I love the one from Becky Higgins

Make a hole with the help of a hole punch on the left corner and insert a cording or a piece of yarn to hang up your label. It's Done! Enjoy your new labels and drop me a mail and let me see Your label, You may would love to share them in the Bubiknits Inspiring Flickr Group.

Xoxo, Giusy