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photo: studiocinqueealtro

photo: studiocinqueealtro

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photo: Studiocinqueealtro

photo: Studiocinqueealtro

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It was the year 1978 -* Nina, Ninetta and Antonia* were 3 mid age women that were very closed neighbors and friends - they were used to helps each other and the ground and stones around their house are still full of the sound of their voices - they was used to calls each other at grand voice just out of the doorstep. Niiinaaaa - Nineeeettaaaa - Antooooniaaaaaa - I can still hear their voices, happy and clear, echoing in my mind. after a long day of working at home, taking care of grandchildren and the elderly, in the evening they were sitting outside the door with their shawl over their shoulders to tell a few secrets and look at the stars before going to sleep.

Finished shawl showed in: Handmaiden Fine Yarn Sea Silk

Gauge doesn’t matter in this lace shawls :) be sure to match yarn requirement and have fun!

The shawl is knitted in one piece from the bottom up.


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I designed this cowl in occasion of my very first workshop as a teacher.

A cowl to learn knitting and warming up your neck in the cold days or in spring, I’ve added a pattern variation in the middle that make me think of butterflies so the name of this cowl came easily.

ERRATA: row 34 of pattern should be p16 not k.

Photos: Luca Chiaradia Model: Giulia M.

Thanks to my lovely testers: MsNewKnit , soxvixen , LaMoirai

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This pattern is available for €3.60 EUR


Fashion is something real at our age. Cowls became one of the most fashionable accessory in the last years. I’ve got the hint when I cut my hair so short, I need more cowls! So I designed this color combo cowl and the lace motive let me think about asparagus! Enjoy!

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