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Hi there! Since I declared to the world that I am an Artist, it seems I wasn't been able to post on this blog for a very long time. So, what happens in those past silent months? I've been creative and happy all the time but very busy due to normal life events. First of all my son started primary school in September and if you've children or newphes you may know how the transition from kindergarten isn't very smooth. Fortunately my son likes the school and loves doing homeworks but we had to change our habits a lot. Since then I felt overwhelmed and I needed to step away from virtual life and get into real life only for a period. I also started going to bed at 9.00 pm instead of 11.00 pm. This i a very good new habit to me but as you can imagine the time for blogging is going down to zero and I just posted something in my mother language on the Italian version of this blog. I missed blogging a lot!!
Embracing my natural inclination to pattern and design, I discovered that drawing, sketching and painting make me feel very good and happier than ever, with no stressful thoughts about competitors, or thoughts like "Am I good enough?" as the knitting world was for me on the last few months before I've get stuck and blocked about this feeling. As it was for quilting first and sewing later in my craft adventure, i needed to step away from knitting. I stopped enjoying it on April, and I haven't got my hands on needle since then, exept for finishing an almost completed capelets and I've started a hat last week for my son, just because he needs one. I am happy with this decision to step back to my root and even if I love knitting for myself and my loves, I am proud of the knitting patterns I've done, I do not know if the knitting world is for me. What I know for sure is that I need to do what I love and so designing, painting, sketching, journaling and writing is what I love most at the time. There will be always space for crafting in my life, and I surely want to continue making things, I've just took advantage of a coupon Sproutpatterns offers to some survey's participant, and I ordered the Sprout pouch pattern on two of my own fabric design, so I can't wait to have it on hand!

I will enjoy making a new pouch and having the pattern already traced onto the fabric is just what I need to boost my sewing!
It will also be a test of the Sprout Patterns itself, in fact i am dreaming about an Anna dress too.

anna dress and bubiknits fabric

So... what else? I am going to share some recently drawing from my sketchbook now and more to comes on next week.

Rita's got a Secret - Bubiknits artworks

Rita's got a Secret - Bubiknits artworks


Xoxo, Giusy aka bubiknits