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I think this could sound ridiculous, but in more than 15 year of blogging I've never wrote a post about Journaling. This is something so personal and intimate to me that I never thought to make it public. It is from when I was 10 that I keep a diary, and then a journal. I’ve wrote for all my life, about me, my thought, my wishes, my intention, my purpose, business, life etc. etc. It was also very exciting to follow a course by Susannah Conway on Journaling lately. She is a truly nice guide, I’ve loved her grace since I meet her in 2012, and in all her courses this grace is reflected.


Also lately I've read a lot about Journaling, I've read several things about the usefulness of Journaling, not just what it looks like, a tool of introspection, but also as a tool to achieve your dreams and desires. I found Julia Cameron through my friend PrettyInMad , and intrigued I bought her book. I have not started yet, 'cause I am reading"Women who runs with the Wolves" at the moment, but listening to the effectiveness of the "morning pages" and that this technique has gained many followers, I stopped to think that I even for several years before having my son I kept a morning journal, where I wrote many of the things I realized then in effect, was the time when I was selling my handmade textile items on Dawanda and Etsy, and at that time I had acquired a certain notoriety and success. Who knows... about unconscious of morning pages?

So, let me know, what about you? Do you keep a Journal? Is it your intimate friend? You share it with friends and family or you keep it secret? Did you notice that when you wrote something to it and when you follow your intuition what you wrote will come true later? I did!

till next time, xoxo, Giusy