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Hello Dear Me...

Who are you? How are you?

How do you feel lately?

What's this process in wich you jumped in?
Are you still the creative one?

Who are you, Giusy? Are you the small dancing creature in the waterfall?

Or are you the screamer in a no man land? Are you the mother?

Are you the lonely woman that you’ve been on the lasts years?
How are you, Giusy?

Happy? Thoughtful? Free?

How do you feel lately, Giusy?

Do you feel the sadness? Again and again?

Did you felt beautiful today showing your naked legs in a miniskirt?

Or did you felt still alone, the "old slipper" ironic and cynic….?

Where is the creative one, Giusy?

Is she gone forever?

Where is the knitter, the seamstress, the sole-mate of your own?

Are you the writer and the sketcher now?

Want you rewrite and re-sketch your life?

Are you still the same person who you thought you were a month ago?

Nope, I don’t.

I change day by day, moment by moment.

and Yes, I am.

It’s the same old story, the same old lady, the adolescent who hasn’t the courage of taking the active part at the party.

The same who look at others happy life, without being one of them.

I wish
I will

and the time goes by…

one day….

I wish
I will


and the time goes by.