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Spring Calm

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If You are a long time reader of this blog, You may already know how much I am passionate about seasons and Autumn in particular, but after I had my child, Spring took a special place into my heart and it appeals to me as much as Fall.
I enjoy taking a walk in the park and smelling the flowers, touching trees and hearing the bird's song.
I am enchanted by the simplicity of old fashion games that children still love to play and make them happy.

I endend up with a personal thought, April and May are magic months.Gems are popping out on the tree's branch, flowers are seen everywhere, giant smelling Roses, beautiful Geraniums and Oh, the Lilies and the yellow Ranunculus!

I forgot the Flower Power for a long time in my life, but I am uravelling my root, and I am knowing myself much better in those awakening years and I know the importance of flower: they made my beloved grandma Nina singing on the balcony while she water them in the sunlight.

And this remember of her happily singing its one of the precious moments into my childhood and it's a piece of the puzzle I am today.
I am the one who loves the small things in life, who loves the simplicity.
I was talking to a friend once when I sentence:

"Lighten up to being lit up" and so, "Simplify to get simplicity worth in your life".

that new philosophy.

I am taking a pause from crafting. I occasionally do sketch and watercolors if I feel inspired and started writing again. I have some TO MAKE (dresses I want to sew and

sweaters I want to knit), but the TO DO's actually have the priority on my list, so I have to procrastinate those to make in Autumn or maybe in Winter.

This Spring needs me to enjoy my path, my family, those little beautiful things and take some painful decisions.... and then, if God or Whatever Would like, I'll have all the life to struggle with a seam, a ball of yarn a new pair of needles.

So here I am going to share some of the significant days in those past weeks.

partecipated at the Trieste Mini Maker Faire 2015 as a Kids area hostess on Saturday

and as a mom with her child visitors on Sunday

Enjoyed this stunning view coming back home on saturday evening

A Glass of Wine is good for the soul once a week

A new book on my shelf ready to be read

Ysolda's and Giuseppina's new sweaters are on my TO MAKE list.

till next time, xoxo, Giusy