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Love Your Blog: Ugly

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Let me say it, I LOVE this week prompt for the LOVE YOUR BLOG challenge series, even if it might sound.... UGLY.

There are a lot of Ugly things to love and share this time.

Have you ever heard about Kim Werker’s book "Make it Mighty Ugly”?

Photo and text content taken from Kim Werker's website

Photo and text content taken from Kim Werker's website

Tara Swiger nominated this as her 11 best book of 2014 and I completely agree.

When I discovered Spoonflower for the first time I was really excited about the fact I could design my own fabric for my projects and sewing something that was 100%me. But i didn’t already know that I was fighting with my demons. I always thought of not being able to draw, so I try to suppress the urge to do it.

Nevertheless every time I entered a stationery store, remained hours watching and turn in my hands pencils, brushes, paints, sketchbooks. Until one day I took courage. I bought a box of beautiful colored pencils, a pencil and a sketchbook. And I've realized that no matter how much we think we are good at something, the important thing is to believe in it, to want to do it, to explore this thing, get closer and and begin to make it.

Sometimes I think that making so many things might seem ugly to whom read my blog.

I'm asking the questions that I think might be my readers:

  • It will be so good one that makes all these things?
  • She does with passion or try in all fields?

Without thinking that behind all these things I have had years of experience, years of sewing, knitting, and so a lot of PASSION for the handmade and creativity.

And yes, I want to draw and sketch also, and even if it mighty Ugly, I will make it again and again.

And if I enjoy texture designing, I will do it, just for me and maybe just for a few of them who will love my fabric, and might enter the latest drawing in a contest and try to hit the 10 finalists! (Vote! if you would love to help me rich this goal ;))

Till next time, xoxo and make it happily!

:) Giusy