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Love Your Blog: Beginnings

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Are social media substituting blogs and chat? probably they are, but there are always nostalgic people as I am that keep going on writing their blogs, less frequently then a few years ago, but they are keep writing.
So, Instagram is much more immediate when the urge of sharing a few snaps of your creative daily is calling and i have to admit that the instant pleasure of a bunch of love and response makes feel good, but it is frustrating when you want to share something more, and why and what about you make what. And when I stumble upon one of my favorite blogs, and read about Kate's "Love your Blog” challenge, a big capital letter YES appeared into my mind.

A Playful Day


I am blogging from 1996, yes it is about 20 years I am in the WebWordWorld, I’ve got different nicknames on those past years but always wrote about my creativity process and always with the intent of sharing my love for arts and creativity with the wonderful world wide Community.

So here I am ready to inspire and get inspired by this very nice Challenge. This week prompt is


And I have 2 of them to share this week.

First: I recently found myself contemplating and would love to improve my handwriting, and a though of a letter writing club and swap comes to my mind.

Here is the pic I share about this project at my instagram feed

Would you love to get in? I would be so happy if you do! just drop me an e-mail and let me know which option do you like to partecipate in (Opt 1 Light letter+sketch or a drawing made by you, or Opt 2 Heavy - package with letter, handmade item and a treat for the recipient) and I will add you on the group swap mailing list and by the first week of the next month or after we get 20 partecipant you will get the name of the secret sister you will send the letter/package.

Second: this year I would love to make me a favor. I stopped buying ready wear garment from 2 year now, except for some underwear and very lovely ethical made dresses, I ended up with the desire that I want to make my own garment from now on, and my intention for this year is to design or sketch what I am making or I want to. So for each garment I will make, there will be an illustration or a sketch of the garment, as I have done this past week on my first dress of this season. My sewing mojo is still live! (I will blog about the dress very soon)

hand drawing and handwriting by me after finished the dress #1 pattern by Sonya Philip of 100 act of Sewing

hand drawing and handwriting by me after finished the dress #1 pattern by Sonya Philip of 100 act of Sewing

thanks Kate for building this wonderful blog challenge! and if you would love to be inspired by other bloggers about this week prompt, here are all the partecipant.