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And so another week goes by. I was busy watching some Downton Abbey's episode, I'm in love with that series, (I am watching the second series at the moment, I bought all the DVD's to the 3° season recently and can't wait to put my hands on the 4 and 5 seasons too).

On monday as many of other knitters I've received the second clue of Ysolda's Follow Your Arrow 2 kal, and started knitting the 2B. I am really pleased about the result so far and I am convinced that Ysolda is a genius.

as I am a bit slow in working on it, I am proud I was able to finish it in time and ready for the next one, since the number of stitches are gradually growing, I dunno if the next week I will be able to finish it within the next weekend.

On Tuesday I was gifted by friend of mine of a big bag of yarn! Her mother give up knitting (I can't imagine I could ever stop to knit) and I was happy to help her to destash. I gave an half of my bargain to my mom that has already started a pullover for my son. I will take some pictures very soon.

and there are some vintage skeins too!!

At least, it was since last year I would working to my website, get a better logo that represents me, a better look etc. The latest I put down wasn't 100% me as I would like to. So on Wednesday I worked hard till 1.00 am to get this:

It was nice, but after a toughtful day, I ended with the consideration that it was too much! So I redesigned it by hand, trying to clean out some lines and give it a better Meme look. and tadah! this is it! It represent me better and I love it!

On my next week I want to put my efforts in trying to find a new blog reader. I am using Bloglovin' at the time, but lately I am not happy with it, and I am testing some as Feedly...but uhm... I dunno if I like it yet.

what's your favorite one? Would you like to share your experience with it? I will be pleased to get your responce!

That's all folks! Have a nice week!

xoxo, Giusy

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