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what I learnt from the craft world

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Lately I'm wondering on Why and What I am doing. I have a day job that I cannot quit, but still dream about my own business... yes, still, I am forty, nearby forty-one.

photocourtesy: alessia of

photocourtesy: alessia of

I am obsessed about fabric and yarn, and can't decide which I like most, I love knitting and sewing the same way, I love designing and crocheting the same way.

So I am pondering Why.

The big answer is that the craft world helps me to became more conscious, it helps me to form my opinion and it helps me Self Acceptance. 

One of the focus point of the Company's Manifesto where I am employee is to value people, unfortunately that's not what happens in my office in reality, that's a toxic ambient where people can't like each other and where some thinks to be a genius, and others thinks to be God. Some do not have a minimum of respect of each other and you are just a number that has to make numbers.

Crafts world have a very helping community and I can feel the LOVE each one put in its work and I love the way each one supports the other.

Another big big reason is the Self Acceptance.

It's very uncommon where I work that woman loves each other, and that they loves her selves. The women I work with are always hypercritical towards themselves, are not comfortable with themselves, they do not like their body and find that to be skinny and well dressed is all, In the craft world I appreciate women who are happy as they are and do not care about this nonsense, I do like my belly and I do like my heavy bottom, I love to be kind enough to my neighbors and try to stay as positive as I can.

So I think that's why I still need to be part of the Craft Community, although sometimes I feel so tired and I want to give up because I can't find enough time to make what I love, I can overcome the frustration just because be part of the craft community makes me feel good, it makes me feel happy and makes me feel part of a perfect world.

Have a nice week end.

Xoxo, Giusy