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Fabric and Crochet

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Designing is a slow process, it involve sketching, swatching,  and knitting before editing the pattern and then send it out to volonteer testers who will give you a complete vision of the pattern itself and maybe make corrections.

I am that kind of crafter that needs to rotate project to not get bored with that process, and since i love crochet and sewing as much as like I love knitting, I made a lot of crochet in the last weeks, due to the crochet + brunch event I am going to teach, but also some just for fun.

yarn used for this basket: Katia Yarns

yarn used for this basket: Katia Yarns

And while I was making the bicolor one, I decided to henanche it with fabric, and I love it! It's sturdier and it's perfect as yarn balls caddy or to contains small projects.

Did I show you this? maybe you saw a preview on Instagram, I made two sock/small knitting project bag some weeks ago.

September is almost gone, and It was a very busy month, also due to some family issues, but what I learnt from some life events that hurts my nervs is that Laughing Out Loud is the best Cure for everything!

See you soon!

Xoxo, Giusy