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Fresh Summertime

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Hello! If there is something I can't never understand is how the time goes by so quickly! Isn't it?

Middle August is here already and I am enjoying this beautiful freshly air summer, that is a treasury for this part of Italy, where it's usual to have humidity and high temperatures instead.

Sometimes I think I am lazy, but if I take a moment to list the thing I do it's not laziness, is that I have enough time to do all the things I would want to do. Are you familiar with this stuff?

I've done a lot of work since I wrote here last time, I can't already share everything but I try to list them here:

Tea Weck Cozy

Tea Weck Cozy

Things I am grateful for:

  • Nina, Ninetta, Antonia Shawl KAL has started and some beautiful shawl are popping on Ravelry.
  • Bubiknits Facebook Page has reached and passed 1500 likes this week. Thank You!
  • I will participate at two big event in September and I am working for them... stay tuned.
  • I am studying and I've got a great review for my works. I am tremendously happy for this, learn and improve is always a beautiful thing and one of the goals in my life (in any field).
  • I am working on some new designs, they will be revealed in Autumn or early Winter.
  • I submitted my design for the Global Talented Search yesterday night, I am happy to accomplished this, no matter how it goes.
  • I've designed and knitted a Tea Weck Cozy (photo above) and will share the pattern for free very soon!

How is going your Summer?

Enjoy and happy knitting, designing, crocheting, sewing etc. etc.

xoxo, Giusy