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Trieste Mini Maker Faire

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it took me two whole week to quite down and calm my mind from excitement and happiness I felt at the first edition of the Trieste Mini Maker Faire

It was a party, it was a great exciting day, there was lots and lots of talents and creative people (300 + makers at once) in the same place to celebrate the Art of making, 3D printers, Robotics, Handmade and Crafts and I am glad the organizers made a booklet which include the maker's contact list because I surely want to keep tracing on most of them for further collaborations and/or needs.

On May 17 me and Roberta of the "I Mostri 113" packed up our stuff early in the morning, she offered me to share her car to go to the fair so we arrived at ICTP park at 8.00 am with some other early birds makers. 

We got plenty of time to register, finding our spot and take a coffee before preparing our booths. I say hello to Roberta, that got her booth on the other side of the park area and just in front of mine, I started to put out all the stuff in a proper way to get  ready for the fair, and just an hour later my precious helper started arriving one after one, and at 10.00 am the TSMMF officially opens to public.

 Bubiknits was there as a crafter to show off the big return of hand knitting, I made some cardboard mannequin (thanks to the yarn shop Lalanalà from which I took inspiration) and show off my own hand knitted collection of garments, each one with its label attached which reported the knitting pattern's designer, material used and the name of the knitter. But, not only for this, I was there also for a good cause, I would like to involve the public to knit a scarf (or as many as we can) for the Homeless, and this was the reason for why I initially asked and obtained the presence, as a Guest Star, of the local Knitting Association  which I belong, but unfortunately 4 days before the begin of the faire, after a phone call to me of its President and followed - a few minutes later - by an email of the Vice President to all the associated members, announced that the Association declined and canceled its participation at the fair "due to major organizational reasons" (mine - just because I didn't promptly reply the day before to a Facebook instant message of the Vice President that was asking directions of the location of the fair and if one of the participant could have count on a meal coupon - thing I would have done that day after returning house from work and taking the child off to school" - also because when during the phone calls the President asked about the Charity parts "who will having received the finished scarf", I sincerely reply that I still haven't "a name" but there were the intention to find a proper Charity very soon or immediately after the scarf was done. I am sure that was a misunderstanding, I know that there was involved a lot of organization and that the Association had to decide in respect of its good name and responsibility, but I confess I was upset at having been "abandoned" at just a few days before the event with no opportunity of clarify the situation with the other members.

Anyway, the TSMMF was a success and we got so many visitors, even if it was rain during the day. me, Erica, Patrizia, Manuela, Federica who generously helped me, couldn't stop smiling and saying: "it's beautiful, it's great, I'm so happy" for all the day, we haven't felt any fatigue, thirst, angry, we loved to talk to the people who stops at our boot, knitted with us a piece of scarf, and congrats to us for such a beautiful idea, we got so many compliments and smiles also from men and children. So many woman that come to knit along with us telling her story about knitting, some were taking the needles in hands for the first time and like it so much. I keep the notebook where people leave us a lovely thoughts or signature as a treasure.  I want to thank you every one who stopped by, smiled us, knitted with us, looked or took a photo with us, talked with us. It was great, it was exciting, it made me feeling good As I will remember forever. Thank You also to Erica, Patrizia, Federica and Manuela who stayed there with me for the most of the time and helped me so much, It couldn't be so perfect as it was without Your precious help Ladies!! Thank You also to Petra who after a working day as Maker Faire's Angel comes to knit a piece of scarf, and Thank You to Donatella, one of the Association member, who knitted and donated 2 completed scarf, and a special thanks to Luisa who gently offer to me her support and the winter cruelty free yarns

The "knit a scarf for Homeless" project is almost done, me and the other girls are going to complete the scarfs on the next days and the Charity who will receive them has been defined and will be publicised here and on my FB page after the scarf's delivery.

I want to Thank You again the Organisers and the Staff of the Trieste Mini Maker Faire for the love and the incredible work done to make a perfect wonderful ::Make:: day.

There are some photos of the day. I shared some on Facebook, Twitter and Instangram too, make sure to check them, as check the Trieste Mini Maker Faire page on facebook to read more articles about this event!