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What i am up to

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the last ten days were for rest and recovery from a bad cold, me Marco and DH ended up with flu! I've got time for struggling with my kid, reading, listening podcast (and set one myself for Italian friends of this site/blog, just check it by click on Podcast button in the left menu'), taking online classes, finding inspiration and listen my own me. Just a few days before the week end we gets better so I was able to design and create something new that will be soon in the Etsy shop. I am really excited about all the flowing ideas in my heads and I can't wait to share them, but I need time to "physical made" them into reality.

here is just a sneak pic do what I was up to this week end. 


I've design this little girl that has to be free... Maybe she is inside you too? The market bag idea comes up quickly and here it is :)

I've also relised the Mariposa cowl, that is available for download on Ravelry at discounted price of $ 3.00 (use the code mariposa2014 at checkoutsince we will gave it a decent styled fotoshoot on a real model. (The pattern is ok indeed). 

have a very lovely week and stay healthy and happy!

xoxo, Giusy