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Yarn Stash index (tutorial sort of)

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Hey there, how are you? As always in those last years, months seems to me they flow away in just one day! January as gone without blogging from me, except for the Instant - Right Now post, that hope you are enjoying. 

I didn't knit very much lately, I finished my blank canvas sweater, as posted last week,  It needs just the little finishing as knitchener stitching the underarms and weaving in ends, but I was too lazy or just I don't want to let go it from my needles as I enjoy knitting it so much.

 I've got also a bad bad cold this past week and I am still coughing and coughing, but tomorrow I will go to work and then at the doctor again. So, while I was at home and getting some new Filofax delivered from Ebayers, (getting a Finsbury A5 for only few euro is amazing)... Yes, yes I know I promised to save money, but I really needed once more to make my Yarn Stash Index. Did you ever thought to track your stashed yarn? Or built an index to use as reference when you are approaching a new knitting project? Yay, I know there is the Ravelry stash, but I am talking about a "real" one where I can check the yarn samples and all the reference at once.

Would you make one your own? Here is my "recipe", but feel free to modify or make one that fits your needs.

what do you need:  

:: A ring notebook or A5 Filofax;

::  cardboard;

:: washi tapes; 

:: hole punch; 

:: paper cutter

:: favorite colored pencils and pen; 

:: gather your yarn.... and let's go! 



I used a 200g sketch / cardboard paper, cutted in a half and then I made the final cutting to obtain an A5 measure; as I use my new Filofax, I made the holes with the Filofax hole punch, you can do the same using a single or double hole punch if are you going to use another ring notebook.


gather your yarn (you don't need to take out ALL your stash at a time or you'll give up immediately :)) and start cutting out a strand to double and stick using a lovely washi tape on your cardboard paper. Write down on the paper all the information you will find on the yarn label, maybe you will add some information based on your experience with that yarn, if you already used it before.


easy! Isn't it? Finally I have all my yarn stash reference in just one place! Oh, you would like order them by weights, name, company, yarn colour, etc. I didn't with mine, but there are many possibility in making a yarn index!



Enjoy and let me know if you made one!

xoxo, Giusy