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Pairing, sorting, inventorying (part one)

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I wish you've got a Merry Christmas with your dear Family or Friends, my one was one of the most special in years.

I haven't got the same pressure of years ahead and I enjoyed every moment from the beginning of December, singing Xmas song with my son, lighting scented candles, decorating the home and enjoying the Christmas lunch at my parents house in peace and love, doing some lazy knit finishing to a cardigan I can't wait to wear 'cause is so special to me.


The day after Christmas is in general the one dedicated to reorder the house and take life the easiest way possible, the Christmas spirit is still around and here in Italy we pack it off only after January 6th.
So today i came up with the idea of make an inventory of all the knitting needle I own.
It is an embarrassing number of needle (I count more than 60 pair), and now i know how many 3.5mm pair, in which  material and how long they are.

So today i sort them for brand and kind, put them into fabric needle case, some are made by me, some are bought from indie designer, register them in a file and I put all my needle cases and sets in a storage box. I made a list also for crochet hooks. And don't forget to list the needles that are occupied in projects bag at the moment so you know where to look for the needle you need at the first time without needs to diving into your needle stash to find them out.  
I love my Mac but, I am a forty-one girl that still love paper and pens so my records are filed into my purple A5 Filofax that's the same one where I take knitting notes for my designs.

To give you some numbers:

- i own needles from six different brand;
- i own them in each format available: long, dpn, circular,  interchangeable
- i own needles made from 4 different materials
- i own a knitting belt handcrafted in Shetland
- i own needles from 2mm to 10mm with some repeated numbers.

Since i have a lot of ongoing project it's good to have a needle stash, but if you are at the begins please let me advise you on buying consciously. As a starter kit is good to have a knitting set. If you can, try the needle before buying the whole set, maybe you can arrange to try them for swatching at a LYS, or borrow them from your knitting friends, so you can see if you like them before buying the whole thing. When I restart knitting I buy some set that today I don't use and like very much, I was drawn from compulsive buying, just because they was the best on the market at the moment, but today... I can say they was not.  
As what I teach at Fattoperfetto, the best advise for knowing your tools is try before buy them, for example now I know i prefer 5" long sharp point metal needle,  for my knitting, except for sleeves and sock, and I like two or maximum three brand.

I also reserved a box for knitting tools as needle stoppers, scissors, gauge and needle size guide, darning needles, markers, blocking wire and blocking pins, etc.

This is just the pairing, sorting, inventorying part one, next days will be the time of skeins and wool stash... Giant!

What's your best advise for storing knitting needles?
Do you know how many needles you own? How do you sort them?