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Autumn or Fall - this is my favorite season

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If you follow me for a long time, you may already know that this is my favorite season. It wasn't so when I was young, in my early age I couldn't wait for summer and the end of school, to meet friends and go to the sea, but growing up and getting age, Autumn or Fall, call it as you like it, is became my favorite season. Maybe because in this period I start to think about knitting everyday, designing more complex garments and because October is also the month of my Son's birthday, we turned Five and no need to say that I am so so in love with this little boy.

Something new happens this month in my life and I am really happy and proud of what I am doing, a step at a time, and I have to Thank You all the wonderful people that are at my side and believe in me and to those who are supporting and are giving me the opportunity of being myself to share the love and my experience about knitting to a larger audience online and inlive locally.

I am going to teach my first ecourse on about Knitting Swatches, Tension and even more. This new website was creates with a concept of an online communitity - and craft ecourses offered by experienced teachers - in mind, something that in Italy isn't still live and loud. I know it will take some time before the website starts to become popular, but I am happy to be the first teacher to open the dances.

So this past weeks I edited the class material, designed a new pattern as an exclusive for my ecouse students, and can't wait to start on November 10.

I also finished to knit my new knitwear design. It's a shawl, so I am going to start editing the pattern, this time it will be available in English and also in Italian. I asked my fellow follower for Ravelry  ID on the Facebook page if they want to be count into my possible testers list for the pattern when it will be ready, if you feel you want to be listed in too, send me yours on Facebook or Ravelry I may choose 8 testers very soon from the list.

That's all for now folks!

Have a wonderful Autumn Fall start!

Xoxo, Giusy