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time flies

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I can't believe that I wrote my last post about a months ago. Time flies.
I made a lot of things, got some great HOORAY days, I posted photos on twitter, instangram and flickr, but I was too busy-lazy to sit and write and least but not last I've got a bad wrist pain on the last week that kept me away from the PC and also from sewing.
There are so many things I want to share but I don't know from where to start... so I will go randomly, please do not mind if I loose the thread here and there :)


First of all, all my excitement for the Fallforcotton sew along gets in the corner after that I was inspired from the Liz Taylor dress and that I found exactly the same '50 Vintage fabric from Etsy. I ordered all the 3 meters, it arrived in only 9 days and was in perfect conditions, you've never say that this fabric have almost 60 years!  but... it's only 90cm/36 inches wide, so I will never ever have enough fabric to make that dress. :(  

So what to do? I feel a bit demotivated now, and also I have only 2 weeks left for looking and making something else, I dunno, I really wanted to make that dress with that fabric... suggestions?

On the past months I designed my Autumn 2013 Fabric Collection, It will be reveled on September 29, so stay tuned! I'm pretty excited about that coming collection, there are 14 different designs and here is a sneak pic about one of the new fabric from the Autumn collection, and its already available for purchase.

I also ordered this in the new performance knit fabric and can't wait to make a dress with it.

I'm working on the Winter collection right now, and can't wait to share more about this too, there are some of my very favorite colors too.  

I've got a HOORAY some day ago when Lauren from LLADYBIRD blog posted her wonderful Belladone dress in my Bicycle Fabric from the Bubiknits Spring 2013 collection!!! She is so talent! Please, look at that dress and how lovely it turned out! Thank you Lauren!

There was also a back to school on Monday 9, for my son. The first two days was the worst, after a month and a half he wouldn't go, but at the third day a smile come into his face and of course into mom face too.

It's chilly outside in the early morning, mom's shawl is perfect for a fashion toddler ah!? :) 

It's chilly outside in the early morning, mom's shawl is perfect for a fashion toddler ah!? :) 

there was also a revive into my three (yes, 3) Etsy shop. There are a few preview, just click on them to see what's going on the most satisfaction for me is that I managed to make the Travel Tea Pouch again, it was a best seller and I love this little object, Fall is coming and I've just started to taste my favorite tea also at the office, just grab some tea bags and fill this cozy little pouch and your tea will follow you whatever you go.

That is the time to start knitting socks! And what about this beautiful knitting project bag? Yes, there is my biciclette fabric again, and please look at the deer, isn't it lovely?

and there are stitch markers too!

and there are so many many other things to share, but it's about 1 am here and I need to restore my head with a nap.  

Have a great and wonderful week end, I'll be back soon.

xoxo, Giusy