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Iris by Colette Patterns

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Pattern: Iris Shorts by Colette Patterns

Size: 2

Fabric: Italian 100% Cotton in solid color

Consideration:  easy pattern and enjoyable sewing

If You follow me on Flickr or Instagram maybe already know I was working at this project.


It's a easy and enjoyable sewing pieces, It was my first time in sewing pants, and I must say It wasn't so scary as I thought before.
I finish to hem the Iris shorts some days ago while me and my family spent some days at the Life Class Wellness Center in Portorose - Slovenia to escape from the hot heat of the past week, we swim and relax in the sea water swimming pools  and Marco enjoyed the holiday and start to familiarize with the swimming.

Even if the shorts fit me well, I may have done one size up for more comforts at the waist and hip, maybe next time, I would love to make another pair of them maybe a little longer and in dark blue color.
The fabric is a smooth 100% Italian Cotton in a wonderful Mustard shade, I'm in love with this color. I styled it with a lovely cotton shirt I bought from Pimkie  for just Euro 14.99 in May.

Enjoy some shots I took this morning, the last day of my holiday, I'm going to return to work tomorrow morning, a trauma after 3 wonderful weeks of home, kid and relax, I enjoyed all this parenting and making as you can see from my - no make-up but looks very nice - face, I'm not so good when I am stressed by my job.