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Do you Pinterest?

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It's about one year and a half that I signed up to Pinterest. And you? Isn't it addictive?

Every time I visit it I can't stop to add photos to favorites and repin interesting one. When I discovered the site I repinned many just because I love the photos or to remember of a craft tutorial to visit later.
On the last months I have to admit that my Pinterest view has changed. I am using it as a mood board and today I made my first online catalogue. I've got the idea (maybe I'm discovering the boiled water and people just do it from the begin), to list all the sewing pattern I have into my pattern stash board.

I also love to list on pinterest the fashion look I love....


I create also a sewing mood board to get inspired from some ready to wear dress and try to find a pattern similar to those.


To not to talk of all those beautiful cardigan I would love to knit that I list on "Cardigan People" board.


I know, there is a lot, and when I say a lot I mean A LOT of nice, super duper wasting time, but I feel like a baby at the candy shop when I am scrolling my finger on my Ipad to look at all those wonders.

So what you are waiting? Come and Join me! 

Ah, today I finished my version D vintage blouse from Butterick 2683, I can't wait to share the complete outfit, here is just a photo of one of the vintage buttons I use for it.

Happy new week to all, and talk to you soon, till then xoxo!