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Kelly Skirt

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Pattern: Kelly Skirt by Megan Nielsen 

Size: S

Fabric: no label on fabric; that is a wonderful 100% cotton light jeans fabric, very drape, I'm wondering if this could be a Chambray, the sales woman doesn't know. 


As anticipated on the previous post, here is my Kelly Skirt. Oh fellow Ladies, I could live in it all the day!! I've already wore it 4 times in a week!
I made no modifications on the pattern, and the size S fit me perfectly, thanks Megan for such a wonderful pattern.

I think I'm going to make another Kelly Skirt soon, maybe on the next I will balance the hem because I have a prominent back bottom and pairing the hem cause that the length of the front is different from the length on the back.

Even if I love to purchase a lot of fabric at online shops (principally from UK since customs rates goes crazy by importing fabrics and goods from USA), we have a very large fabric store in Trieste, the quality of Italian Fabric, especially for garment, is well known everywhere and I'm going to shop more local. I start shopping online 20 years ago, when I started to quilt, for instance American cotton is best for quilting, and the variety of calico and fabric designs is enormous today as yesterday, but for garment, I guess Italian choice is the best. All this to say that I love the fabric I choose for that skirt, it drape amazingly. Not sure, but I am wondering if it is chambray or a sort of. It's very light to be a jeans fabric I though. The sales woman doesn't know if it's chambray or not, to say the truth she doesn't know that there is a fabric with that name. When I ask for chambray, there was another seamstress near me that try to explain what I was asking for to the sales woman: "Oh, yes, Chambray! It's like the fabric used for Man's Oxford shirt." So, the lady took me to another department of the store and pull out this bolt of light jeans. She told me that she would ask the supplier the next time and would let me know.


The other day I was walking in the city and I was thinking of how much I love to wear a garment I made myself, the perception of what you wear really change. I was looking at mannequins into store windows and I hadn't any "WANT" calling me, but there are so many I would love to make myself.


Oh, a note about the buttons. Those are mother of Pearl bttons I've got from a 86 year old seamstress. She is my colleague's granny that was a fashion dressmaker and when she decided to go into a nursing house gave away a lot of her sewing stuff. I've got a bunch of very fine silk threads, cotton threads, and vintage buttons. I couldn't be much happy to continue to revive those stuff.


that's all for now, child calls for mom :)
till next time, stay happy and healthy. 

Xoxo, Giusy