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our vacation is started

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I officially started my vacation on Monday. 3 weeks off from work. I couldn't be much happy!

This year I feel exhausted an I really need some relax and first of all enjoying my kid.

I am becoming more conscientious  about my house and I ended up thinking that consumerism has put us in the corner, the global economy crisis is also because we start buying everything at every moment. So I am in the process of UN-cluttering and empty my home of superfluous.

Yesterday I give away to Charity 2 big bags of clothes, and I will go on the next days.

I'm cleaning the house as I never did in years and I have a little helper too.

Go with a lot of Laundry, and there is a lot of fold and put away.

But you know, when you are on vacation the day is long enough to enjoy everything and there is also the time to work to something you like.


and We goes to shopping too! (of course only for needed stuff. 

my new pair of Geox

my new pair of Geox

Ok, fashion skirt (this is haute-cuture, it's Dolce&Gabbana) are awesome,  but when I spot the price in the window I've got a heart break. this linen skirt costs a lot for me, even if I Adore Dolce&Gabbana.

Buttons are cool, skirt are a must for summer... so... I'm working on a front buttoned skirt. The Kelly Skirt pattern by Megan Nielsen

More to come soon! (we will go to the sea too :))

xoxo, Giusy