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The knit to fit Ladies

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You know, Ravelry is a wonderful place to discover very talented knit designer around the world.
 I think there isn't another website where there is so many concentration of talents, I suppose that is the only one that compete in order to that one.

I'm glad to both website and community because there I met my three favorite knit designer for sweater and cardigan, (and "met"  two in real life as the best knit teachers I've ever had) actually I have a forth and a fifth for shawls and socks, but for now I want to talk about the three of "Knit to flatter" sweater and cardigan design.  

Ysolda Teague, Gudrun Johnston and Amy Herzog.  

Who on Earth hasn't hear about those wonderful knit designer?? 

This is my declaration of love and devotion to those women.

Ysold Teague is a young and smart knit designer, her sweaters, cardigan, shawls etc. get on the top ten patterns on raverly at every release. Why? They are original, well explained and make you feel as "little red in the city" even if you have 50 years. I love her designs and I have a very very long knit queue in her patterns.

Got two classes with her, one live and one online, and I learned a lot about fitting issue and I will apply what I learn soon or later.

Gudrun Johnston is another wonderful, peaceful mother of two and wonderful knit designer. I love her designs because are glam and elegant at the same time. she has conquer me pattern to pattern, and she is another Ravelry Top tenner. I met Gudrun in Italy and I had the pleasure to have she as set in sleeve teacher and that was a very interesting and relaxing class. I also love her last pattern release: Amélie. So french and amazing!

The last but not least:  I known Amy Herzog this past winter after taking hre crafty class "Knit to flatter". She is amazing! And her sweater are so lovely! I love the details of her works, and she also simplify some "hard to comprehend" knitting rules.

So go and check those talented designer, knitter and gorgeous women, who through their work have contributed to rediscover the pleasure of knitting , you will love them too.

Xoxo, Giusy