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Butterick 2683

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Pattern: Vintage pattern from '60 - Butterick 2683
:  Organic cotton sateen from Bubiknits spring-summer 2013 at Spoonflower
Buttons and thread
: trifted
Difficult:  beginner
Pattern Rate: A++

Hi! So we are again near the week end and I'm typing in my sleepwear, sorry, I've just shot it and want to share... the kids are into bed right? So I can post this :-D

Ok, Ok, don't joke, is almost midnight and I need to go to bed within the next 20 minutes, but my chick, isn't it lovely?.
So, as I told on the last post I finished my vintage blouse and finally today I wear it to go to work. I love it. I wear it with skinny trousers today, but I try it with a black pencil skirt and it looks beautiful too.
I am happy to have added the very fist vintage sewn piece to my wardrobe, and I have to say that the pattern was very easy to follow.

The fabric is my design, and I really love the organic cotton sateen, its sheer added a touch of  "silky" to the whole look.
Nothing else to say, here it is, Hope you like it!