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Sewing my perfect wardrobe

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Summer is here and I need to renew my wardrobe. From this year I refuse to buy new garment, or I'd better say I don't want throw away my money anymore. In stores quality is getting poorly season by season, and did you notice? Our closets are getting full of commercial, unflattering and "I don't want dress it up anymore" robes.

Sometimes I buy by pure instinct a lot of new dress, shirt, skirt just because each costs less than 20 Euro, but at least I wore them just one or two time per season, just because they doesn't fit properly, the quality isn't so good etc. etc. The result is that my closet is near the explosion point and I'm getting overwhelmed by this waste money and space.

So, I've already started to sew my personal wardrobe, in this past year I made 3 dresses, 1 skirt and 1 top, but as other seamstress bloggers, I came with the idea of construct my own wardrobe, what I want at the end is having just a few basic-buy - as jeans, white cotton t-shirt, and of course lingerie -  into my closet.
Sewing pattern and fabric are less expensive and I think that making your own garment will focus you on deciding which style is fit to flatter your figure and getting more confident with your body and measurements that is really important for a woman. I know too many people that aren't happy with her/his body, oh gosh! Why?! I think that the most important thing is to be kind and happy with - Who You Are -, and no one could hurt you with unpleasant comments if you are secure of yourself, right?
For example I'm short, I have a bump belly, and a classical pear body, no much tits... So what?
I should be on a diet and feeling sorry for myself every single day? Naaa, it's not for me, and I'll tell you more, I like myself! I really like me and I focus on other things.

Ok, "Love yourself more" parenthesis closed. :)

So, I'm working on a summer blouse, the pattern is one of the Lanetz vintage purchases on the last Autumn.

At the same time I want to make some new dresses for my summer and for the coming autumn. While I was looking for ideas, I considered and taking inspiration from vintage dresses that I think are very suitable for my body shape.

ehm... sorry for the misplaced word... I meant SHIRT dress! 

ehm... sorry for the misplaced word... I meant SHIRT dress! 

And what?! Colette Patterns make my dream came true last Tuesday by publishing the perfect Shirt dress! I'm going to try to participate to the new sew a long and contest, I already get the pdf pattern and can't wait to make my own Hawthorn dress!


And what about You?  what's your favorite dress style? and did you think that making your own wardrobe nowadays is too tricky or difficult? It's better buy less and wear more consciously like in the past? :) I think so, but let me know your opinion! As always, leave me a comment or drop me an email!

Xoxo, Giusy