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Handmade in Trieste

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This will be the first of a series of post about Handmade in Trieste - Italy, my city.

In the last two year or so, Trieste has discovered a new and prolific artisan vein, I'm so proud of that. Finally I can find some really lovely and very well (hand) made just in here, at a few steps of my doorway.

I'm going to show you some great finds and I will let you know about the artisans and how to contact them to have your own piece of - handmade in Trieste - Italy piece too. Lets get starting with:


They were and are traditionally made n the countryside of our region, Friuli-Venezia Giulia (in the North East of Italy) by employing waste materials such as old bicycle tires to make waterproof sole, jute bags for padding the sole, fabrics and rags, old clothes obtained by chance, for the uppers. Born as makeshift shoes, home-made at no cost, to replace the economically unattainable leather shoes, they are a typical example of an object that contains history, culture and tradition and at the same time is projected into the future.


Nowadays imagination and creativity have adapted these shoes to every occasion, from work to leisure. They are handcrafted, sophisticated and elegant slippers that are at the same time luxurious shoes, redesigned from the ancient tradition of Friuli and shaped into in multiple forms.


Thanks to the various fabrics employed (linen, cotton, wool, silk), which are strictly made n Italy, and to the drawings, which range from the classic to the particular, the Morettine have become a way to enhance a dress or a pair of trousers, to make a precious moment even more special and to treat yourself to a daily pleasure.


The different models allow you to match these comfortable and stylish footwear with every daily need as well as with the current style: for ladies, the classic model is closed-wrap-around, while shoe slippers are reminiscent of the eighteenth century; for men the range of models go from the very traditional to more modern shoes.

For further information, please contact Marcello at: