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Veni, Vidi, Vici

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Veni, Vidi, Vici* said Julius Caesar, or I better say Veni, Vidi, Feci**.Oh yes, it was a productive week, thanks to friends who shake me and helped me to not feeling sorry for myself, and an antibiotics cure for my never ending cold, I give up the dark-think and put a smile on my face again. I ended up with the decision to leave Marco to the school till 4.00 pm and after the work to treat me with a moment for myself only. Yes, there are also a bit of house works and house cleaning in the time I am home all alone, but this is ok, I haven't to rush and I haven't to stop doing things every 10 minutes as is normal when you have a child around. In this manner I feel more relaxed and my little one have much more time to play with other kids in the school's garden now that is spring. So, this week I finished my Birdie Sling Bag, Oh I'm so in love with it! I wear it today for the first time, I finished it yesterday at midnight :)

My Birdie Sling pattern by Amy Buttler

The text fabric is from the collection Architextures by Robert Kaufman and I love it!! I hope to find another yard of it at my LFS.

Architexture fabric details

I finally get some photos of this cabinet, I purchased it from a collegue that restores old furniture, I decided the color and he made the rest. It is for my yarn stash and I hope to reset my mess very soon, but as you can see there are still boxes full of yarn near the cabinet. Damn' compulsive buying disease! I will give up, soon or later, yes I will, really.... my bank hole is nearly enormous.

shabby chic hand painted closet

can you spot the yarn inside? :)

That is all folks!! (so, being a cartoon lover, it's always good ah= ^_^?) Talk to you soon and thank you thank you for all your lovely comments, I really appreciate them!! Xoxo, Giusy

* I came, I saw, I won ** I came, I saw, I made