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Oh-La-là c'est Mon Laurel

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I wrote about it last week and now here it is. This is my entry to the Laurel Sewing Contest.I'm in love with the dress, with Colette Patterns and with all the swing that those Indie patterns give to we makers.I needed someone else who helps taken the photo shoot this time, so I asked Claudia to play around me with her Camera, and here is the result of an hour of work. I'm really pleased with the photos and we've got so much fun, Marco played with his enormous soft ball and Claudia captured a lovely picture of we while standing on the sun and watching at a lovely white Dove.

laurel_6204 laurel_6215 laurel_6278 laurel_6292 laurel_6293 laurel_6294 laurel_6303 laurel_6305 laurel_6306 laurel_6314 laurel0001 laurel6211