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Sock mania

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I always look at those gorgeous and lovely hand knitted socks at Ravelry  by the first time I signed up in 2009, but it was only in October that I started knitting them, and I'm completely in love with those treasures. Before starting to knit socks I've ordered some beautiful and very fitting socks from Grieta and I'm still amazed by her works. maelstrom So, here is the progress on the Squock swap sock, I almost done, and after this I will start on another Cookie A pattern.... this time just for me.


Yes, I'm going to start the Monkey socks and I will join other woman that are knitting them right now, there are two KAL at the moment one on this pattern at: Knit Sock Love KAL 2013/14 and a very nice free themed Queue Sera sera sock KAL on the Sock Knitters group.


Oh did you see? There are my new ChiaoGoo needles! I can't wait to try them, some knitter are enthusiast about them and here is also a review that Laura of Nelkin Designs did the past September. I bought the small red lace Set  and 3 other fixed circular needle for socks. I'm also eager to try the Blue Moon Fiber Arts - Socks that Rocks wool, there are 783 pair of Monkey socks knitted with it on Ravelry! So I have all the component to start my new pair of socks! I'm learning a lot at the Ysolda's online class as well, I don't know if I will be able to knit a perfect fitted sweater on the next week, but for now I collected very interesting information on fitting and prep before start to knit, and here is my swatch from the class. swatching Well, that is... But before to go, I have to show you my new shirt from Ravelry Mini-mart, isn't it love(1)ly :))

love(1) xoxo, Giusy