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Knitting and Socks Swap

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The week end is already gone and I need to go to sleep in a half hour because tomorrow I have to get up early, but since I have this half hour I'm allowed to care of my blog and post a quick note, right? :)If you are  wondering, this week end I selected and cut out the pattern for the Sew for Victory SAL, but now I want to show you my knitting in progress and the lovely Socks I've got from an International swap on Ravelry. At the end of November I bought "Knit with me" the new book of the talented Gudrun Johnston. I decided to join  the general kal on the Shetlandtrader group on Ravelry, and I am working at the beautiful Soay Cardigan. This is the lonely pattern in the book that was already published as single pattern in the past, and since I have got it on my queue from so much time I decided to work on it first, but there are so many in the book that I want to knit as well in the next future. This is a bottom up cardigan and I have almost finished the body. soayI've also started a new sock. Just one sock to knit for the "Squock swap" with the lovely ladies I met at SquamItalia, we will send the sock, the yarn and the pattern to complete the other one. This is the second socks I ever knit, but I'm hooked! We've just started but I can't wait to see how this beautiful Wollmeise yarn will turn in a lovely Cookie A's sock :) sockswapI knit my first pair of socks for a nice swap I joined before Christmas, and I also got my very first pair of adult handknit socks from another lady of the International Sock Swap Group on Ravelry (I've got hand knitted socks from my Grandmother when I was a child, but never had a pair as an adult, though!) Vayque really spoiled me with the beauty of the socks she sent to me, I wear them all the time, they fit perfectly, I love them! socks_received I was also a bit intimidate by the lovely MissJoyL, the lady I had as the partner I've got to send my first pair of socks, because from her project page I see she knit socks very well! fortunately them fitted her :)

socks_madeyawhhh I'd better go to bed now! Talk to you soon!! xoxo, Giusy