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Sew for Victory

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When Rochelle announced the "Sew for Victory" sew along on her blog I was super excited and respond to the call with a sound YES, I WANT!I read Rochelle's suggestions about finding inspiration on Forties wearable, I downloaded the digital's catalogue but I also would to recreate some Italian look as well of that period since I'm Italian and our WWII Era seen both my grand-mothers adolescent.

realwomanIt took me a while but I found some interesting picture of real people at the Lombardia's Cultural Heritage site, (Rich and well known I though, since there are also photos of the Savoia's Family in that Archive),  and at an antiques shop I found also a real woman's fashion magazine in great vintage condition showing the 1948 spring-summer dress collection. primizie_di_modavintage_magazineprimizie_di_moda2primizie_di_moda3 Browsing Ebay I found some Forties vintage pattern and I bought them and I'm impatiently wait them to arrive to decide what to make for the Sew Along.selected-patterns In the meaning time me and all my family got the Flu.... oh! I've never got a flue so hard in ages, from school-er time I though. We are getting better now and today I play with some vintage look make up tests :) makeuptestsee you soon, Giusy