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Brooklyn Tweed Mon Amour

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OK, someone said that only stupids doesn't change their mind, and here is a fact: I changed my mind! @@ ah ah @@ I'm happy for two reason though

ONE: because that is a prove I'm not stupid  *^____^* (can you see my happy face? LOL)

TWO: because I have a new top favourite yarn to play with. Let's going back at last year post. I wasn't a very happy customer of the fabulous*super*duper Brooklyn Tweed yarn, but now at a whole year later I can declare my love for it! I wore the Levenwick cardigan at least once a week, and I love how much it make me feel well, that means I wash it every other week and the colour and texture are still perfect, yes perfect even if I throw it into the washing machine!


I have 5 skeins of Shelter in the beautiful "Cast Iron" color ready to be knitted, I am planning a very special project for it.


I also bought an infinity numbers of Loft skeins, doesn't know why and for what mysterious how, I ordered them all different in colours, but you know, when the "buy me - buy me" bug affect you, you'll never know HOW you may have done it, the lonely think you can do is just accept your insanity and try to destash your yarn as quickly as you can! Next time(s) I will tell you about two socks swap, a WWII themed sew along (see on the right menu there is a Sew for Victory banner), my opinion about Lorna Lace Shepherd sock and Madelinetosh sock yarns, and the Soak soap :) Many many things to do soooo poor little time, ugh! Xoxo, Giusy