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A little black cardigan

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I guess I swatched for this cardigan in July, then I left yarn and needles into a project bag for months. When I came back home from SQUAM in October, I felt plentiful of energy and I pulled out this project and I started knitting it. I wanted a little black cardigan  complete my wardrobe, since I wanted wear much more dresses than in the past, cause of the belly, age, new wearing-style, etc. I thought that a black cardigan is a pass part-tout for any circumstance.

The pattern is Kira designed by the talented Mrs. Cecily G. MacDonald. I felt in love whit this design since she published it in April 2010, I've got it into my queue for long time.

I also enjoyed the bottom up construction, and the pockets part is just the icing on the cake! although the model may seem complicated, it is much easier than expected.

The pattern calls for a DK wool, and it was just too good finding the perfect match yarn into my stash, I've got the perfect gauge using 4mm needle and Rowan Pure Wool DK. The yarn is so squishy and soft and there are approx. 136 yds in a ball 50g. It is endless, I used only 6 balls for this cardigan.

I'm very satisfied and I've already started another cardigan... but this is another story.

See you soon!

xoxo, Giusy