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The past week was horrible, my hubby first, then my son and then me was affected by  Stomach flue... Uh. My photo class took a stop but I was able to take some pictures this morning. And here they are, I am a Vintage lover and collector, someday this past summer I bid a lovely auction at Ebay for less than 5 euros and won a sewing tin box filled by some lovely treasures, like those lovely threads in wooden spools! There was also this stunning button, that from my research will be located between 1930 - 1950. the Crown & GPO button was used on the General Post Office Military Jackets and it is supposed produced by Staples & sons; I found a photo of the Female Military Jacket in the early '40 that seems to have those buttons on.gpo_button0 gpo_button2 vintage_bobbins3 DSC_0425