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2013 planning and thoughts

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Happy new year my friend and welcome to my blog in this that would be my focus on year.As the blog community did in those past days I looked back on what I made in this long 2012 year too. There was so many thing I will treasure forever, one of the most important thing is that I made friendship with 3 lovely ladies and I am very happy about this and I hope we will continue for a lifetime friendship, that's meant I will treat and care for this happen.


One thing to fix on the new year will be SAVING MONEY! I spent a lot on building sewing and knitting stash on the past year and I ended up with the decision I spent too much money so this coming year will be under the frugality sign.

I would love to improve some knit and sewing skill, I know I can. I signed up for knitting and sewing courses last year and that one i will put into practice what I've learned.

I would love to eat better and even go for a diet: after pregnancy and once I ended with breast feeding my little one I started to eat lot and lots of sweets and junk food: 2 years later here I am, with a muted body size, I ended up with 1-1/2 size bigger than before pregnancy. Same thing for beauty, I promise to myself to pay more time for beauty care. This coming year I also want to try to stay in some new vintage style, I would like to put on me '40 and '50 make up and dressing style, I think I'm in the right mood for them actually.

I will start list-making. It's a good thing to try to be more organized. oh, and an eye to home cleaning... shame on me, I'm so bad at it! But I would love to be a better home-keeper, nor a FlyLady, that's impossible for me, but a better house wife would be appreciate. of course... a lovely Mom, a better wife... gosh? to many for only one year? maybe.... :) So, get this 2013 start!!! Happy new year!