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Autumn Kal Away - The Winners

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Here we are, Just a break from my knitting (I'm knitting a pair of socks at the moment and so many other things....)Drum roll please.... The Asparagus Kal ended on November 30. I was expected more participant but I'm happy with those who delight me with their Asparagus Cowl. I really love each one of them and since there are only 6 participant at the KAL I will give the other 3 lovely knitters who doesn't won the wool prizes a little gift from me too. I have already selected one pattern per person from their Raverly Favorite and Queue and I'm going to send them that pattern using the "buy as a gift" button. So.... Drum Rolls again...... the winner are: Stellacometa - You won the Chunky Champagne wool! there are 150 gr. in total and I think that it is perfect to make an Urchin beret. e4dforever - You won the Ito cone -- so luscious yarn! ros61 - You won the wollmeise skein. Please girls, send me out your snail mail address so I will arrange to send out your haul. Thank you also to Babi29, Tizibell56, Liberomom and Strokkur, You will receive a pattern gift at your Raverly account! So stay tuned. Thank you so much Xoxo, Giusy