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Thank you SquamItalia 2012

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I'm feeling a better person today, I'm feeling I left behind a lot of stress and gained new power and energy at the beautiful trip I had in Morro d'Oro - Abruzzo. I want to thank you all the fantastic people I known at SquamItalia!Thank you to Elizabeth that make it happen and thank you to all the people came in from all over world.

Thank you to my teachers, the Best I've ever had, Ysolda Teague and Gudrun Johnston.

Thank you to my class mate, the best ever.

Thank you for the beautiful sunshine and for the totally peaceful and relax at Vitaria Country Residence

I'm glad for the new friends I made there and I'm already miss them

We had so much fun,  I will miss all this so much and hope to say Arrivederci! to all of you.

Love Xoxo, Giusy

PS: more photos of the SquamItalia can be viewed at Flickr group.