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Crepe Dress in progress

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this past week I've got a personal happy dance. A friend of mine did know I was looking for a dressmaker dummy. on Monday she asked me if I was still looking for it, at my yes she told me that her Mother doesn't sew anymore, so she would have been happy to give her dressform to me. Wow! She made my day and week! On Tuesday she came to my home and took me the Dummy. Its measures suits me, I named her Wanda, she has a larger bust then me, but it's almost the same if i wear my push up bra :)

In the past week I've also start sewing the Crepe dress as you can see, Wanda is wearing the bodice part. I took this photo on Saturday morning, from then, I've completed the skirt and I have attached it to the bodice today before I went to take my son off from kindergarten. I'm going to finish the dress by this mid week! Can't wait to try it on.

This week I must confess I made a craziness: I bought a new sewing machine. I've ordered the Bernina 550 QE. I will pay it in two year. It will arrive this week and I can't wait to take my hands on it. I love Bernina, I've got my first one, the Virtuosa 150QE in 1999, and it still going, but I need a new and improved model at the moment, and the 550 is what I need for sewing garments and quilts. That's all for now, see you soon!