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sew a-lone?

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I know there was a Crepe dress sew along in the past, but I don't know if actually there was one at the time, haven't had the time to look here and there for it, but hope I'm not all alone working at it (and I'm sure I'm not). My spare time isn't so much lately, so it took me about a week to trace and cut out all the pieces, first from tracing paper and then from the fabric. Today I begun the sewing. I choose a jersey fabric, a linen-viscose mist (I ignore in which quantity one and the other are), a not very friendly fabric for beginner, but with the right fabric needle and my old Bernina 150QE, it seems I can manage it, and - hey, quilting experience gave me a lot comfort about sewing a dress - all alone - for the first time. We will see... I will let you know how is going, in the meaning time you let me know if you're working at it too!!

Here are some finished Crepe dress from sewing blogger I love: