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The lazy time is not finished yet, I don't be able to sew or knit with 32°C degree at the time, but I'm able to look at all those lovely blogs and artist on the internet. As I recently say I discovered Colette Patterns that has a lovely retro style that I adore.Since then I start look at many Vintage pattern design and looking for sewing divas as I usually do with knits, first of all because I love to know more and more about something I like, and because I want to improve and practice in the best way I could. I want to share with you the sewing's Goddesses I love at the time. Be aware, because once you visit their blog you will never stop to Oh and Ah!


Sarai is the founder of Colette Patterns, she has a perfect Allure and you can read about what she make on the Colette Patterns blog and know a bit more about her on the previous blog Sweet Sassafras


Gertie is great! She's a so Vintage look lady and her dresses are amazing! I also signed up for her video course at Craftsy to make the Sew's Retro Perfect Bombshell Dress. Her blog  is full of inspiring pattern review from '40 - '50: I definitely devoted!

That's all for now! my toddler is calling me for his snack! :)