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I made a lot of things

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Well. I'm a knitter... I'm still a knitter even if I don't knit for about one week now. I was tought to knit by my mother when I was a teenager, but I wasn't used to it, I start knitting almost daily when I was pregnant in 2009. So, I'm a knitter now.Before then I was used to quilt and sew. I started quilting in 1995 - I teach quilting for a while from 2001 to 2005. Was about the year 2007 when I started sewing bags and accessories for myself and for sale, in that period I also started an Etsy shop. Time to time I was intrigued by cross stitch as well. So, I was (I am) a sort of Craft lover. So, for you that known me recently and got only the knitting part of me, there are some of my past works. I want to show them and remember also to myself what I made in those 17 years of crafting and wondering if I'd better add a page to this site to keep up going my sewing part. Some photos are very old, so please, forget me for the low quality. Hope you will enjoy.


PS: I'm working on a dress at the moment. :)