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Autumn or Fall - this is my favorite season

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If you follow me for a long time, you may already know that this is my favorite season. It wasn't so when I was young, in my early age I couldn't wait for summer and the end of school, to meet friends and go to the sea, but growing up and getting age, Autumn or Fall, call it as you like it, is became my favorite season. Maybe because in this period I start to think about knitting everyday, designing more complex garments and because October is also the month of my Son's birthday, we turned Five and no need to say that I am so so in love with this little boy.

Something new happens this month in my life and I am really happy and proud of what I am doing, a step at a time, and I have to Thank You all the wonderful people that are at my side and believe in me and to those who are supporting and are giving me the opportunity of being myself to share the love and my experience about knitting to a larger audience online and inlive locally.

I am going to teach my first ecourse on about Knitting Swatches, Tension and even more. This new website was creates with a concept of an online communitity - and craft ecourses offered by experienced teachers - in mind, something that in Italy isn't still live and loud. I know it will take some time before the website starts to become popular, but I am happy to be the first teacher to open the dances.

So this past weeks I edited the class material, designed a new pattern as an exclusive for my ecouse students, and can't wait to start on November 10.

I also finished to knit my new knitwear design. It's a shawl, so I am going to start editing the pattern, this time it will be available in English and also in Italian. I asked my fellow follower for Ravelry  ID on the Facebook page if they want to be count into my possible testers list for the pattern when it will be ready, if you feel you want to be listed in too, send me yours on Facebook or Ravelry I may choose 8 testers very soon from the list.

That's all for now folks!

Have a wonderful Autumn Fall start!

Xoxo, Giusy


last week in pictures

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Hi and welcome to October and Autumn season that's my favorite one.

Do not have so much words for this post but I am going to share some moments stolen in pictures.

have a lovely week end, talk to you soon.

xoxo, Giusy

Fabric and Crochet

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Designing is a slow process, it involve sketching, swatching,  and knitting before editing the pattern and then send it out to volonteer testers who will give you a complete vision of the pattern itself and maybe make corrections.

I am that kind of crafter that needs to rotate project to not get bored with that process, and since i love crochet and sewing as much as like I love knitting, I made a lot of crochet in the last weeks, due to the crochet + brunch event I am going to teach, but also some just for fun.

yarn used for this basket: Katia Yarns

yarn used for this basket: Katia Yarns

And while I was making the bicolor one, I decided to henanche it with fabric, and I love it! It's sturdier and it's perfect as yarn balls caddy or to contains small projects.

Did I show you this? maybe you saw a preview on Instagram, I made two sock/small knitting project bag some weeks ago.

September is almost gone, and It was a very busy month, also due to some family issues, but what I learnt from some life events that hurts my nervs is that Laughing Out Loud is the best Cure for everything!

See you soon!

Xoxo, Giusy

what I learnt from the craft world

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Lately I'm wondering on Why and What I am doing. I have a day job that I cannot quit, but still dream about my own business... yes, still, I am forty, nearby forty-one.

photocourtesy: alessia of

photocourtesy: alessia of

I am obsessed about fabric and yarn, and can't decide which I like most, I love knitting and sewing the same way, I love designing and crocheting the same way.

So I am pondering Why.

The big answer is that the craft world helps me to became more conscious, it helps me to form my opinion and it helps me Self Acceptance. 

One of the focus point of the Company's Manifesto where I am employee is to value people, unfortunately that's not what happens in my office in reality, that's a toxic ambient where people can't like each other and where some thinks to be a genius, and others thinks to be God. Some do not have a minimum of respect of each other and you are just a number that has to make numbers.

Crafts world have a very helping community and I can feel the LOVE each one put in its work and I love the way each one supports the other.

Another big big reason is the Self Acceptance.

It's very uncommon where I work that woman loves each other, and that they loves her selves. The women I work with are always hypercritical towards themselves, are not comfortable with themselves, they do not like their body and find that to be skinny and well dressed is all, In the craft world I appreciate women who are happy as they are and do not care about this nonsense, I do like my belly and I do like my heavy bottom, I love to be kind enough to my neighbors and try to stay as positive as I can.

So I think that's why I still need to be part of the Craft Community, although sometimes I feel so tired and I want to give up because I can't find enough time to make what I love, I can overcome the frustration just because be part of the craft community makes me feel good, it makes me feel happy and makes me feel part of a perfect world.

Have a nice week end.

Xoxo, Giusy