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Boxed Art Feelings

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Boxed Art Feelings

There are moments in our life that we need strong encouragement, love and kindness to support the soul that live your body.
In my forties I've got those moments many many times.
I found that empowering words and art help us to live better and gave us much more power.
A day I throw a tiny sketch and a quote into a little handmade box into my bag and take it out with me. It was a hard day, but knowing that the little Boxed Art Feelings was into my bag and I could read it out to strength my soul and it was very helpful that day and the following days after.

The Boxed Art Feelings are one of a kind, hand drawn and watercolored with high professional french artist watercolor, the support is acid free and high quality paper, the text is handwritten with fine Pelikan or Parker ink.

The Box is handmade following the Origami method and decorated with handwritten quotes from the art feeling that is in it.

the Boxed Art Feelings are available to purchase at BigCartel and Etsy.